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James Media is a creative video agency that uses high-end visuals to improve your Social Media Marketing Kingston. Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube are about to look a whole lot better.

Social Media Marketing Experts

The days of not having a social media strategy are done. With so many platforms, you need to develop a plan that delivers high-quality content to all your loyal fans and prospective customers. At James Media, we help business owners use their social media accounts to benefit their business, advertise their services, and grow their brands.

Unified Digital Marketing Strategy

Your social media strategy needs to align with your digital marketing activities. This includes your website, SEO, advertising and any other lead generation methods you use. We work hand in hand with your management team to align goals and create a vision for success.
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Word Class Deliverables

Video Marketing

Videos are the number one most engaging piece of content on any social media platform. Telling your story with professional videos is proven to help brand image, increase engagement and gain trust on social media. Video allows you to connect with your audience on a whole other level. It will take your local, Kingston Ontario brand, and make it national.

Professional Photography

To complement your videos, you need photos that grab peoples attention. Amongst a sea of average content, a creative photo with a meaning can do wonders to your social media accounts. With photography, we put a face to your company so that customers are more comfortable with reaching out and eager to work with you.

The Key To Success with Social Media is Consistency

Our social media marketing packages are recurring monthly because your followers need constant videos and photos in front of them. We have packages for 3, 5 and even 7 posts per week. These include a mix of photos and videos, so you keep everyone happy.
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Since 2020, we have been creating word class Social Media Videos in Kingston

We are lucky to work with many Kingston businesses you know and maybe a few global ones as well. We believe the best way to describe our work, is to show you it. Get your popcorn ready!

Our Proven Social Media Content Creation Experience. Sit Back & Enjoy The Ride.

1. Consultation

We are a people first team. We want to meet you face to face and learn more about your creative ideas and goals. This is always exciting, but it gets much better as we go.

2. Planning

Our team develops concepts for you to review. When we have our direction, we get to work booking locations, writing scripts and developing storyboards.

3. Pre-Production

The final stages before the big day. This is when we cast talent, order props, ensure our equipment is ready and debrief the team for what we about to film.

4. Production

The craziest, but most fun day of the process. Our world-class film crew does what they do best. We arrive at location, set up our equipment, turn on the lights and away we go.

5. Editing

This is where it all comes together. Our editors work with the production team to understand the goals of the project and begin editing. You won’t believe how quick they work.

6. Launch

If you weren’t convinced you made the right decision hiring James Media, you are now. You finally get to see what we have created for you, and you are thrilled.

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