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We Want To Tell Your Story Through Creative Media

Canada's Proven Value Adding Media Agency

James Media is a creative media agency that focuses on video production across Canada. We are located in Ontario and main areas of operation are Kingston, Toronto and Ottawa. We build incredible content that tells your story, gains you customers, builds your brand and helps you succeed.

A Full Service Media Agency

In our short existence, we have carved out a place among Canada’s top media agencies. We have done this by working hand-in-hand with marketing personnel of some of the largest companies in North America. These include Starbucks, Midas, Fanuc International, Ford and Martha’s Table to name a few.

We create expert videos that drive measurable results for your business or association. Whether you need to tell a story, make people laugh or prove a point, we will connect with your audience. We take the time to understand your current marketing initiatives and strategically add video marketing to the mix.

We Can Provide Media Services for Any Digital Marketing or Advertising Initiative

Social Media Marketing Content

A service overlooked by many, but needed by everyone. Subpar content on social media does not work anymore. You need to differentiate, and we can help tell your story in a new light.

Broadcast Commercials

As a media agency, the pinnacle of videos is a professional commercial. We produce commercials for car companies, robotics manufacturers, law firms, school boards and more.

Product Videos

Filming product videos is one of our favourites. We can make customers mouths water over food products or make them jealous they don’t have a piece of clothing from a retail store. You envision it, we can create it.

Corporate Video Production

From recruiting the top talent to sales and marketing, we film professional corporate videos. When you need a B2B, B2C or human resources video, we are the team you should call.

Branded Video Content

Your brand is your companies reputation, let’s make sure it’s a good one. Whether it’s an explainer video, a documentary or an event piece, James Media will make it happen. Time to put that beautiful logo on display!

Website Content

Enhance your online strategy with custom imagery and video for your website. The stock photos you have now will not help boost engagement or trustworthiness on your web site, but our media will!

Advertising Media

Do you want to use video for your next advertising campaign? We help our clients plan their campaigns based on years of experience.

Looking For A One-Stop Shop Digital Marketing Agency? Stop Searching, You've Come To The Right Place!

To provide our customers with more, we have formed a strategic partnership with Imperium Social. This allows us to refer our clients for website design, search engine optimization (SEO), brand development, logo design, and more!

When your business demands more from your digital strategy, James Media has you covered with a full suite of digital marketing solutions.

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